I am a mental health clinician who specializes in art therapy with a strengths-based, client-centered approach. I believe we are all on the verge of personal awareness and growth.

Together, we can take the next step to make things better.

We’ve all found it difficult to find the right words to describe our experiences and feelings. As a nationally credentialed art therapist, I have specialized skills and training that other talk therapists do not. Art and visual imagery can help you bypass your defenses to provide a release when you’re feeling mentally or verbally stuck.

Overwhelming emotions can make life feel like a tangled mess. Together, we can work through them until things fall into place more clearly. My focus is on your strengths and the things that are working for you. I do not concentrate on a pathology or what is "wrong with you."  I help you use your own strengths to achieve goals in therapy and in life. My approach is flexible, and we can map out a path that suits your personal needs.

Because you may not immediately feel comfortable with your artistic skills, we can use as much or as little art as is comfortable for you. Art therapy is not about making a pretty picture. It’s about the process and the content of what comes up for you. Art creation can help you gain a better understanding of your patterns and of yourself. The more you know, the more you can change. Let’s see what we can figure out together for a more comfortable and fulfilling life experience.

Here are some areas of focus in my practice:

  • Life transitions: marriage, heading to college, pregnancy, parenthood, grief and loss, dealing with change (both positive and negative), and making new life decisions.
  • Relationships: friendship, romantic, professional, parent/child
  • Multicultural issues: Because I come from a multicultural background myself, I have some specific insight into these challenges.
  • Communication: better express your thoughts so you can feel heard

I received my master’s degree in art therapy from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 2006. I received my art therapy registration (ATR) through the The Art Therapy Credentials Board in 2011 and am an active member of the American Art Therapy Association.  I am an LPC registered intern supervised by Jan Bridgewater, LCSW.



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Yasmin Malik, MA, ATR, LPCintern

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